2013 Integral Fellows nominees

Meet the 2013 Integral Fellows nominees

The Microsoft Alumni Foundation is excited to share with you our 21 incredible Integral Fellows nominees for 2013.  Check out more information about each nominee and follow us through the summer months as we more fully elaborate on the stories behind each of these special individuals.  Then join us on November 1st at our Reunion with a Purpose where we will announce the winners. And stay informed about MSAF programs, events, and other community information.

  • Adnan Mahmud


    Adnan started Jolkona, a microfinance organization that supports projects that advocate social change on a local level around the world. He has proven that anyone can be a philanthropist, having distributed $700,000 amongst 100+ partners in 45 countries.
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  • Betsy Davis

    The Center for Wooden Boats

    Betsy is currently serving her tenth year as Executive Director of the Center for Wooden Boats (CWB), a cultural center that connects the community with the rich maritime history of the region.
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  • Dave Fester

    Worldwide Heart to Heart

    Dave has led the fundraising effort for Worldwide Heart to Heart (WWH2H), and is currently involved in programs to train older children for skilled trade jobs and finding a dedicated teacher to give the younger students expertise in web design and programming.
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  • Elizabeth Dunn

    Guiding Eyes for the Blind

    Elizabeth co-founded the Cleveland East region of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and has expanded programs to more than 600 families including taking puppies to local area schools to help the animals socialize while teaching children the importance of being a volunteer—all in the spirit of “paying it forward.”
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  • Erin Brewer

    Academy for Precision Learning

    Dedicated to the success of every student, the Academy provides an inclusive and supportive, as well academically challenging and socially vibrant environment, for students across the autism spectrum from kindergarten through high school.
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  • Hadi Partovi


    The CEO of Code.org, Hadi Partovi sees a strong, widely implemented computer science curriculum as a way for students to secure stable employment and solve discrepancies in social mobility. He has identified 10,000 schools interested in a modern CS curriculum and 25,000 software engineers who have volunteered to help create one.
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  • Ida Cole

    Seattle Theatre Group

    Ida founded Seattle Theatre Group (STG) with the initial vision of saving a beloved historic theater from demolition. By implementing effective business strategies and facilitating venue renovation, STG has become the largest cultural institution in King County.
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  • Karen Olcott


    The $32 billion human trafficking industry is largely an "invisible trade" with young and defenseless victims worldwide. As a board member of Love146, Karen's goal is to do no less than eradicate the human sex trade completely.
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  • Kimberly Mecham

    Rwanda Girls Initiative

    Kimberly was able to use her connections at Microsoft to secure essential computer software and hardware for the Gashora Girls Academy (GGA) where she is also the lead technical advisor for the Rwanda Girls Initiative, helping change the future of Rwanda by providing rigorous education in a country where only 13% of young women attend upper secondary school.
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  • Laura Jennings

    YWCA Seattle, King, Snohomish

    A member of the first YWCA Board of Directors in the country to include men, Laura has served tirelessly on the Board for 12 years and recently joined the Finance Committee where she also consults on special projects. For her dedicated service, Laura has been nominated to the YWCA USA Board of Directors.
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  • Marije Geldof

    D-tree International

    Marije became the Country Manager of the Malawi branch of D-tree International within two short years of working for the organization. She builds mobile applications for areas where few doctors mean limited medical training for health care providers that direct these providers to the best solutions for the life-or-death treatment decisions they must make.
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  • Mary Pembroke

    Philanthropy Northwest

    A leader when a leader is needed, Mary served as PNW President, member of the Honorary Council, and teacher. In addition, has inspired and guided dozens of today’s philanthropic leaders to find their passion and make a powerful impact across the region and beyond.
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  • Matthew Storer

    VisionTrust International

    During Matt’s time as VisionTrust president, the organization has grown to serve nearly 14,000 children in 16 countries. Instead of creating “dependency-based” relationships. Matt implemented VisionTrust’s outcome-based approach that provides independence and direction for the all children enrolled in their programs.
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  • Michael Golden

    Educurious Partners

    As CEO of Educurious Partners, Michael believes that education reform must come from the students themselves. One of four Co-founders of the organization, Michael has focused on blending strong connections, support, and feedback with deeper learning that is relevant to a student’s success in high school and in life.
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  • Njideka Harry

    Youth for Technology Foundation

    Njideka started the Youth Technology Foundation (YTF) Academy at the Owerri Digital Village in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria based on her conviction that when young people are provided with the tools and resources they need, they can achieve great things.
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  • Peter Bladin

    Global Partnerships

    Leading the Green Technology Fund at Global Partnerships, Peter partners with innovative social enterprises to deliver affordable life-improving technologies that results in cost savings and less environmentally harmful lighting. Parents no longer have to choose between purchasing kerosene or paying for a sick child's medication.
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  • Rachel Bondi

    Men Matter

    With a platform that advocates positive male mentoring, demonstrates how men’s choices influence domestic violence against women and children, and fosters a dialogue about gender, character and women’s leadership, Rachel has been working for 10 years to make a difference in the lives of others.
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  • Sheetal Walsh

    Shanti Life

    Sheetal started Shanti Life in 2009 to focus on microfinance, education and sanitation. The goal for this year is to help women farmers build their own eco-sanitation toilets and washing facilities which will improve health, security, childbearing and dignity. Improved health means increased productivity in the fields and a path to self sustainability.
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  • Suzi LeVine

    Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences

    As co-founder and chair of the I-Labs Advisory Board, Suzi was a driving force behind its strategic vision and the $26 million fundraising effort to finance research on brain development in the interest of eliminating the achievement gap created by socioeconomic factors.
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  • Tamara DePorter

    The Chris Elliott Fund

    As Vice President of the Board for the Chris Elliott Fund, Tamara is the key driver identifying the capacity needs of the organization. She has established formal processes and procedures for patient services, set up a technology infrastructure for the organization, and improved the roles and involvement of the Board during her 400+ hours volunteering per year.
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  • Will Poole

    Social Venture Partners Seattle’s SVP Fast Pitch

    Will founded Social Venture Partners Seattle’s SVP Fast Pitch program by leveraging the concept from its nonprofit origins in Los Angeles and adding two new innovations: a youth track and a “for-profit” track. Now in its third year, SVP Fast Pitch continues to grow as it helps social entrepreneurs succeed.
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